Our Heritage

Since 1976

Back in the 1970s, Mr Teo Kim Tee started off a small stall business with little knowledge of making Bak Kwa.

With his relentless efforts, zealous passion, and perseverance, Mr Teo eventually created his own unique, thin, and flavoursome bak kwa that caters to the taste of local palates.

In 1976, upon the success of his new creation, Mr Teo made a decision to set up his own brand “New Eastern (Kim Tee) Dried and Minced Pork” Bak Kwa at a shophouse in Serangoon Gardens to introduce his flavourful Bak Kwa to the local market.

The aged-old recipe remains gold. Till today, the descendants of Mr Teo are still reproducing this exclusive flavour of freshly made Bak Kwa created 40 years ago.

With our belief, New Eastern Kim Tee has maintained its tradition of producing 100% handmade Bak Kwa with the finest pork meat selected daily and prepared using charcoal ovens and stoves.