Our Heritage

Since 1976



In the 1970s, our grandfather Mr Teo Kim Tee started a small stall in his Adam Road kampung to make and sell Bak Kwa. With zealous passion and relentless efforts, he eventually perfected his own unique, thin and flavoursome Bak Kwa that was well- received among his customers.

As word spread and his Bak Kwa grew in popularity, our grandfather established his own brand – New Eastern (Kim Tee) Dried and Minced Pork in 1976, setting up shop at Ang Sar Lee (referring to the distinctive red zinc rooftop shophouses in Serangoon Gardens then).

How We Began



Our flagship store remains at its original location, where we have been making and selling our Bak Kwa for nearly 50 years now. Some of our old-time customers even refer to us as the Ang Sar Lee (Serangoon Gardens) Bak Kwa! We are known more commonly as Kim Tee nowadays, a fitting tribute to our founder-grandfather.

The first Bak Kwa he created – the Signature Bak Kwa, continues to be our all-time top-seller. Today, you can get the Signature Bak Kwa at all our stores across Singapore or on our website and have it delivered to your doorstep!



Despite undergoing a renovation, we choose to preserve our old red zinc rooftop and signboard at our flagship store as a testament to our heritage. Like these artifacts from the yesteryear, we also strive to preserve the original taste and quality of our grandfather’s Bak Kwa by using the same recipe and cooking method that has been passed down for 3 generations. We take pride in seeing customers grow up eating our Bak Kwa with their parents and grandparents and continue to return as adults for the familiar taste and nostalgia. And we hope likewise, their children and grandchildren can also have the same experience.

Our Beliefs